You found it! The heart of all that is Kelly’s Bakery and Café – the menu!

The menu at Kelly’s Bakery and Café has been inspired from many different places – Kelly’s far ranging travels across Europe, Jamie’s wanderings around North America, Kelly’s childhood in the suburbs of Chicago, and Jamie’s childhood in the central Illinois countryside.

And let’s not forget the employee’s at Kelly’s! One of our most popular sandwiches, the turkey and roast beef filled Black Russian was created by our vegetarian former manager

We’re sure you’ll always find something good to eat at Kelly’s Bakery and Café!

The menus require a PDF reader, if you do not have one installed please download it here: Download Free Foxit Reader

Breakfast Menu – Coming Soon!
Lunch Menu








If you’re ordering for a group of people at the office, here is our convenient fax order form. Kelly’s Bakery and Café offers free delivery to downtown Bloomington offices with a minimum of 2 entrees ordered.

Fax Order Menu

All fax orders for lunch must be received by 10:00 am and normally take 1 hour to prepare. Please call us at (309) 820-1200 to make sure we received your fax.